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Add on to our family and need a bit of help

 Well, on evening, the rain is pouring in and we found them at our house's back alley soaking wet due to the rain and one of them are quite dirtyt. So I take them and bath them with warm water. So far, we don't have any problem with them and they are not scared with us. Love to be cuddle and petting

Sorry for the low quality pictures, I've taken it using my phone

First, we named her Yuki due to her thick white mom fall in love to her.

And this is Yuki's sister, Coco....

I dunno how old are they and this is where I need you guys help....roughly, by looking at this soooo low quality pictures, can you tell me how old are they?

Thank you in advance and as a gift...

A picture of them fall asleep~~~

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