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As many if not most of us cat-lovers know, declawing is a horrific procedure and yet many cat owners still inflict it on their cats, not knowing what it actually entails. For many cat lovers - definitely for me, anyway! - it's difficult to speak calmly about this subject, and people who don't know the ins and outs of it often dismiss emotional diatribes as the hysterical rantings of crazy cat-ladies (and gents). Add to that the fact that many veterinarians don't tell their customers the details, for whatever reason.

I just found this very objective article on declawing, written by a veterinarian who is certainly qualified to know all about it, and I feel compelled to share it because it's such a non-hysterical ;-) calm authoritative summary of the subject. My hope is that reference to this article may be helpful in declawing-related debates... to convince Aunt Martha that mutilation for human convenience isn't worth the trauma to her cat and that there are better ways to keep Fluffy from destroying the couch.

(Names chosen at random - no offense intended to any real Aunt Marthas.)

If this sort of post isn't allowed here, please delete, with my apologies.

Lovely Little Furry Tails

Not asking for donations, I am selling pet supplies to hopefully save up enough money eventually to buy a cheap house, which will more than likely need rehabbed and since I'd be starting from scratch (no pun intended), I plan to catify the entire thing for my furbabies! I have toys, climbing items, cooling mats and will eventually add A LOT more! So keep an eye out for updates on new items! You will be supporting 2 black cats (and a grey tabby cat):



Payment accepted: PayPal, Google Wallet Payments, Money Orders (AT YOUR OWN RISK)
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Originally posted by aviv_b at Responsible Cat Owner Alert: AAFP Releases Updated Cat Vaccination Guidelines (U.S.)
The American Association of Feline Practitioners has released new Vaccination Guidelines, endorsed by the International Society of Feline Medicine.

Full article here:
The schedule is more conservative in the types and frequency of vaccinations. For indoor cats see Table 2.

New injection sites are recommended due to vaccine related carcinomas.  You may want to take this with you to discuss with your vet (particularly if they are not a cat-only vet) during your cat's next appointment.

i can't stand people

well I had walked my dog about a week ago and seen this lady walking to the corner of the road then she turned around and when she did I counted 20 cats from kittens up to grown cats (no lie) well about 4 days ago I walked my dog down the say way and this little girl follow me home which she was one of the kittens that the lady had which I got a feeling that this lady is teaching these cats to follow people as they walk by to get rid of them which we live near a 96 high way so it is busy so we have inherited another kitten who is a sweet heart here is her pic and she is very healthy but we have to think of a name for this little girl 1381986_10151620128802714_1978003361_n

update on maliki

well Maliki went to the vets today and his upper respatory infection is all gone he is able to come out with the other cats and he weights one pound so he is doing really good he is eating soft food and still on the bottle and he is now drinking water

saved another kitten

hello well first of all I want to give you a update on the remaining four cats Hecate, Odin, little shit, and Freddy they are all doing good none of them got sick like the other ones did (who passed away of poisoning) but now one to the newest last Sunday my partner told me to come outside that she had a surprise for me well she handed me a little black kitten that someone had dumped again we took him to the vet and we was told he is only 3 weeks old almost a pound his lungs sound clear he does have a upper respatory infection which he is on meds for and unfortanly he only has one eye someone had tortured this little guy we have him separate from the other cats till he gets better but it is a little boy we are keeping him his name is Maliki and here is his pic


Cats who refuse to get along (xposted)

So i have a 3 year old lady kitty, Callisto (Keesto) and my roommate has a 3 year old boy named Ash. They are both fixed, indoor/outdoor kitties. They're both lovers.

The problem is Keesto HATES Ash, and growls when he's around and will randomly attack him. Ash will do a similar thing, he'll pick on her till she lashes out, he just wants to play but he'll push he till she's angry.

I've tried making sure she knows i'm her human and she does feel safe. I stay calm whenever they fight-we usually resolve it by isolating one of them in a bedroom.
Ash knows how to live with other animals, Keesto prefers humans.

Getting rid of one of them is not an option, but i would like them to get along!

Tips? Tips that don't involve spending money? Thank you oh wise livejournal!

wanted to let everyone know

well this past week i posted about trying to save these two kittens from across the street, well i tryed to get a hold of animals control about them which turned out to be a bunch of bull, so i ran into a cop i knew from when i worked at kfc and told him about what these people are doing to their animals and he gave me a name of another cop who is actually takes care of people who are involved in animals cruility so monday i am calling him and the one cop has been going and watching these peoples house and he will do something about what they are doing i will keep everyone updated on these animals.